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The AUC Tenants Associations forms the bridge from the AUC students to AUC and DUWO. They take care of all issues regarding student life in the dorms.

Since last year, the TA organizes Summer Sales in the dorms. These are meant for all graduating students who want to sell their furniture. All items are collected in a few common rooms and the TA will sell them to current students and transfer the money to the previous owners.

The TA has also been working on a ‘Welcome to the Dorms’ booklet, which will be distributed during each Introduction Week from now on.

This year, a Tax Event will be organized to help students who struggle with the application for rent benefit and ‘kwijtschelding’ for taxes for water and garbage. In the past, many students have been struggling with this, because many letters from the municipality come in Dutch.

Adele Beinaraviciute is the Student Council member in charge of the Tenants Association. However, we are still recruiting new members! If you want to be a Tenant Associate next year, message