11sep - 12sep 119:00 pmsep 12Solace PartySolace September Party9:00 pm - 1:00 am (12)

12sep1:00 pm- 2:00 pmTreasury Info Session1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

13sep12:00 pm- 2:00 pmHandsOn BakeSale12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

25sep - 26sep 258:30 pmsep 26Oktoberfest8:30 pm - 1:00 am (26)


4oct - 5novoct 49:00 pmnov 5Solace Borrel9:00 pm - (november 5) 1:00 am

17oct1:00 pm- 6:00 pmOctober Budget GA1:00 pm - 6:00 pm

28oct - 28novoct 286:00 pmnov 28Halloween Run6:00 pm - (november 28) 7:00 pm




Board Positions


AUCSA’s cooking and food appreciation committee, Cuisine, is looking for new people to join their board! They are opening up the following positions:


  • PR Manager


  • General Board Member


Please feel free to send an email to if you are interested in any of the positions!


CUT, the film committee, is looking for new members! The following positions are open:


  • Chair


  • Treasurer


  • Secretary


  • PR Manager


  • Screening Coordinator


If you are interested in any of the positions, send an email to!

Diversity Commission

The Diversity Commission is looking for new members! We are opening applications for the positions of:


  • PR Manager
  • General Board Member


Interested? Send us a short motivation (200-300 words) including your personal background, previous experience, and field(s) of interest to by the 25th of September.


Dormsessions is looking for a general board member to join the team and help with all of the chaos that goes into this committee’s gigs. Ideally the general board member would be a first year, but anyone who is passionate about live music and wanting to help will be considered.


Interested? Send your cv and a brief cover letter including: why you want to be involved in Dormsessions, your past experience, and a taste of what your favorite music is to by September 16th (midnight) to be considered.


InPrint is looking for editors for Sciences and Humanities! To apply, fill out the online form by September 19 at midnight.


In case you have any questions, feel free to email InPrint at


Are you passionate about games? Always had a knack for creating events? Well look no further, as PlayUC is recruiting additional members for its small council. We ask you to write a short (150 words) motivation letter with relevant experience to if you are interested in either of the following positions:


  • Secretary
  • PR manager
  • General board member


For any questions, please send us a personal message on Facebook, or approach us in person at our weekly stands. The deadline for applying is September 23!


The Yearbook Committee creates AUC’s annually occurring yearbook. Positions for the board are now open, so you have the chance to become part of this hard-working team! You can apply for:


Chair: makes sure everyone does their job, always knows what’s going on, and what needs to happen.


Communication Manager: in charge of internal and external communication, handling the PR and Facebook account, and receiving and organising content for the yearbook.


Photographer (x2): in charge of taking, editing and assembling photos, while having the freedom to realise own creative ideas.


Editor (x2): responsible for editing content received from others, and free to realise own content ideas.


Graphic Designer (x2): responsible for the design of the yearbook and PR posters.


Apply by sending an email to by September 14, including your position(s) of interest, a short motivation of max. 300 words, your CV and any relevant creative work.


AIMUN is looking for a general board member to contribute to organizing trips across Europe for AUC students to go to MUN conferences. As the general board member, you will help execute various board tasks and support the other board members. You will, for example, help promote the AIMUN Committee and its events and trips, travel to conferences, and more. No experience needed!


To apply, please fill out the online form by September 19 at 23:59.


Feel free to email if you have any questions.


AUCMUN, short for Amsterdam University College Model United Nations, is opening up positions! You can become part of the following teams within AUCMUN:


  • Secretariat


  • Finance


  • Public Relations


  • Logistics


To apply, fill in the online form by September 23 at midnight!


HandsOn, AUCSA’s philanthropy committee, is looking for new members! The following positions are open:


  • Treasurer


  • Event Manager


Interested? Send a brief motivation by September 16 to along with your cv! 


Junket is looking for a general board member! Do you love travelling? Do you want to give people awesome experiences outside the bubble? Do you want to organize the coolest trips for you and all of your friends? As a general board member, you will do all of this while having floating tasks for different trips.


To apply we ask you to write a short motivation letter of about 500 words containing the following points and mail this to The deadline is Friday the 28th of September at 23:59.


  1. Short introduction of yourself (name, age, nationality, major, hobbies, fun fact about yourself)
  2. What’s your favourite Disney movie and why?
  3. Which Junketeer is most likely to be your favorite and explain why? 
  4. What is your spirit animal and why? 
  5. Why do you want to be a part of Junket?
  6. Best travel experience/coolest trip you’ve ever been on, including a selfie!
  7. Good, original, cray cray, amazing, exciting idea for a Junket trip (keep it real tho)
  8. Why should we choose YOU to help us organize crazy, cool, sexy events?


If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will also be at the AB during lunch breaks.


PubQuiz is looking for new members! You can apply for the following open positions:


  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • PR Manager


If you are interested in any of the positions, please send an email to


Scriptus is looking for new board members! You can apply for the following positions:


  • Treasurer


  • Head Writer


  • Editors


  • Columnists


  • Designer


  • PR Manager


If you are interested in any of the open positions, please send an email to!

External Board Positions
Internships & Community Projects


Interested in issues concerning non-Western political thought? Then this research internship offered by Dr. E. Cohen de Lara, teacher of Political Sciences at AUC, might be interesting for you.



For this internship the student is asked to focus on one non-Western tradition of political thought, such as the Arabic/Chinese/South-East Asian/African/Latin American tradition. The student is asked to work on an overview of the main political theory texts in this tradition, to help acquire the texts (photocopies / e-versions / hard copies), to make summaries of a select number of texts, and to develop classroom assignments connected to the texts. Depending on the workload, the student may also be asked to assist in research activities related to political theory. The student will meet with the supervisor on a weekly basis.


In order to apply, the student should write a one-page essay explaining which tradition you want to focus on and why. The essay should also explain any previous coursework that you have done that is relevant to the internship. The deadline for the essay is two weeks before the AUC application deadline (November 19th for the Spring 2019 four-month period) and should be emailed to: Please also use this email for any questions that you may have about the internship.

Red Pers

Red Pers, a Dutch online platform for journalistic development set up by students from AUC, is always looking for new writers, editors, photographers, web-developers, graphic designers, podcast- and video-makers, and PR-managers.


The only requirement is a basic proficiency in Dutch (only to understand and communicate, not necessarily to write or edit articles). Some experience in journalism and/or the desired position is a pre, but not a must.


Please take a look at and e-mail us at! Applications should always include a CV and a motivation letter, applicants who want to become writers/editors should include a journalistic article of max. 500 words (in the desired language of writing, either Dutch or English), and photographers have to include some pictures they have made (preferably journalistic, involving students and/or made in Amsterdam).


In case you want to apply for an internship (which will be accepted by AUC): these are always ongoing at Red Pers, so students can directly apply and get accepted at all times. Furthermore, standard AUC internship requirements apply (a minimum of 168 hours).

The Herring

The Herring strives to be an objective and independent student newspaper that encourages engagement with the AUC community and the rest of Amsterdam, stimulates dialogue by offering an inclusive platform for students to express their opinions, informs readers through extensive coverage of everything going on at and around AUC and Amsterdam and to write creative pieces.


The Herring also strives to be an educative platform where beginners and experienced writers alike can hone their journalistic skills. To this end, The Herring collaborates with the Journalism course offered at AUC, and continuous guidance is offered to staff writers and guest writers by the editorial board and faculty advisor.


Joining The Herring can count as an internship! Currently positions are open for guest writers, staff writers and a photographer. To apply, send a small motivational paragraph to by September 16. If applicable, include prior experience by adding an article previously written by you. Experience is however not necessary; The Herring is an educational platform.


For more information about The Herring, please go to the website:

VU Inburgeringslab and Stichting Civic

The VU Inburgeringslab and Stichting Civic are looking for up to 5 AUC students who would like to do their internship or community project on best civic integration practices in the Netherlands! Are you interested, and available between 15 September and 20 December? Send an email with a short motivation before the 14th of September to


What we are looking for:

  • Committed students with an interest in integration, migration, policy innovation, civic
    society and social media. Students will weekly come together with a researcher of the Vrije Universiteit in the period till the 21st of December


  • Students who are able to work approximately 12 hours a week on the project: literature review, organizing meetings, preparation for discussion groups, mapping initiatives in the Netherlands and sharing best practices through social media.



  • Performing desk research into documented best civic integration practices
  • Building a database for mapping and sharing best-practices


For questions you can send an email to Sennay Ghebreab ( or Nikki Scholten (

External Events & Trainings


We have a partnership with AIESEC, which means that you can use their internships database. Press the button on the right for more information. —

HandsOn volunteering

HandsOn has made a full volunteering database, check it out by clicking on the button to the right.

AIESEC Volunteering

Become a Global Citizen and take action towards world issues through a volunteer project with AIESEC.