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What is the Student Council

The Amsterdam University College Student Council (AUCSC) is the representative body for the students of
AUC. We represent the interests of the students and bridge the gap between AUC management, faculty, and
external parties such as UvA, VU, and DUWO.

We are concerned with student representation in all matters pertaining to academics, curriculum, student
health and well-being. Apart from this we are also here to listen to your ideas and opinions. Throughout the
year we work on an array of topics ranging from sustainability to the structure of courses, and your input is
always appreciated. We host numerous events such as “Voices of…” groups created to tackle specific academic
matters by using the student opinions as a base from which to improve AUC. Moreover, we are part of the
Tenants Association which is concerned with DUWO and residence at the dorms.

Unlike the AUCSA which is concerned with the social aspect of student life, the AUCSC is an official AUC body
and part of the AUC governing structure. It has a strong say in academic matters. We have advisory and
approval rights over many issues, such as changes in courses and addressing structural problems. This means
that the council must approve decisions made by the management before they are implemented and can give
formal advice that the management must take under consideration. We highly encourage students to voice
their opinions; with your help we can make a difference. If you have any concerns and ideas relating to student
life at AUC always feel free to e-mail and we will help you as best as we can or point you in the
right direction.

The Council

Sarah Salaymah

Sarah is a third-year Political Science student focusing on peace, conflict and security studies. Together with Juanita, she will take on the position of chair within the 2018-’19 Student Council. Besides this, her main goals include to enable student initiatives in bringing about change in the dorms through close cooperation of the Student Council with the Tenants Association; to enhance student involvement concerning AUC’s curriculum through a re-determination of the Student Council in facilitating a platform in which student’s voices can be heard; and to improve the perceived visibility and approachability of the Student Council among AUC students. Together with Bart, Paula, Viki and Juanita, Sarah aims for next year’s Student Council to be pro-active in realising projects based on student representation, to be responsive to what is happening in our bubble, and to be approachable and visible for all of you!


Juanita Garcia Guttiérrez

Juanita is a third-year social science student interested in environmental policy. Acting as co-chair of the 2018-19 student council, she will focus on environmentally friendly changes within the academic building and also revising and improving the curriculum. She would also like to see more student involvement and is excited to work closely with students. Improving the overall student experience is the main goal.


Viktoria Kaffanke

Viktoria is the secretary and treasurer of the Student Council 2018/-19 at AUC. She is in her third year at AUC and will be finishing her degree in the Social Sciences with a focus on International Relations. Like her studies, she likes learning about how society, and with it how each individual, can change and improve their own reality. She is extremely excited to see where this next year will bring us, as the representatives of the students, as well as AUC as a community and an academic institute.

Internal Communications

Paula García de la Paz

Paula is a third-year social science student focusing on health and anthropology. Within the student council, she will be responsible for Internal Communications, aiming to engage the student body and facilitate communication and transparency between students, lecturers, staff and management. Aside from this, Paula will be focusing on increasing sustainability, making the student council more approachable and on improving the student experience. She is very excited to listen to student ideas and concerns and will strive to ensure that these opinions are implemented when feasible.

External Communications

Bart Knibbe

Bart is a second-year student who will be majoring in the Humanities. In the Student Council of 2018-2019, he will humbly hold the position of External Communications Officer. His main task is to represent the student body of AUC to our mother universities, the UvA and the VU, whilst also liaising with representatives of other University Colleges located in the Netherlands. Moreover, he will be working closely together with AUC’s Tenants Association, a committee set up to ameliorate student life in the dorms. Hence, Bart will also regularly spar with DUWO to work on a sustainable and reciprocal relationship between tenant and landlord. He will endeavor, among other things, to sustain the participatory leadership paradigm at AUC by, e.g., organizing Voices of AUC; to carry on the work started by his predecessors in the realm of the master’s transition by, e.g., collaborating with the UvA’s Student and Career Center (SCC); to make the presence of the Student Council known within the AUC community by not only conducting backroom negotiations, but also engaging vis-à-vis with students.

Contact Us

Get in touch with us through or reach us on our personal emails. Please mind our domain:

Co-Chair Sarah Salaymah
Co-Chair Juanita García Guttiérrez
Secretary Viktoria Kaffanke
Internal Communications Paula García de la Paz
External Communications Bart Knibbe