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What is the Student Council

The Amsterdam University College Student Council (AUCSC) is the representative body for the students of AUC. We are the bridge between the student body and AUC’s Management Team, the faculty, the VU, UvA and other external parties such as DUWO, and hence are the facilitating body for bringing about change at AUC.


We are concerned with student representation in all matters pertaining to academics, curriculum, student health and well-being. We have numerous Voices of- groups created to tackle specific academic matters and the Tenants Association which deals with all matters pertaining to DUWO and residence at the dorms. In addition, the Student Life Officer (Vinika Porwal), the peer support team and the Resident Assistants all form the health and well-being team for you during your time at AUC. We are also responsible for recommending and approving the changes made to the Academic Standard and Procedures manual and the Student handbook. Lastly, we are here as facilitators for any change(s) that you wish to see at AUC – academic or otherwise.


If you have an idea for a new course, or wish to include more critical perspectives in your tracks here, or have suggestions to address any structural problems at AUC, or anything else – get in touch with us by sending an email to or by contacting us in person, and we will get back to you at the earliest and try to work together to make AUC (and beyond) a better place.

The Council

Adele Beinaraviciute

Adele is a second-year Social Science student, focusing mainly on Cognition and Health, but also on Culture and Art. Acting as Co-Chair within the Student Council of 2017-18, she will be working closely with students to encourage their engagement and active participation within their school and living environment, through the Focus Groups, Voices events, and Tenants Association. Some of Adele’s main goals this year will be to promote better awareness of student health and wellbeing, and facilitate communication between students and faculty to ensure the most enriching academic and social experience for all members of the AUC community. Having an active and visible Council, she believes, is essential for the success she hopes to see in the development of these relationships and of the projects the team will be working on this year. She’ll stay in touch and make sure to keep you up to date with what they’re doing all semester long, but if you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to give her a shout (at!


Jaime Serra Lopes

Jaime Serra Lopes is a second-year Social Sciences student who is mainly focusing in Economics but is also highly interested in Mathematics and Political Philosophy. While he has seen student participation in AUC politics rising during the past year, he still thinks that youth participation is shockingly low. Amongst what he hopes to achieve next year is an improvement of tracks, the fostering of intellectual diversity at AUC, the enhanced visibility of the Student Council, not only amongst the student body, but also within the faculty and management, and a better participation of students in politics in general. As Co-Chair of the Student Council, Jaime must coordinate the council’s meetings, set realistic goals and fulfilling various representative tasks, such as attending governance meetings. He hopes to improve the feeling of academic citizenship and responsibility within the AUC community to ameliorate the well-being of students and the atmosphere around campus.
If you want to help us make AUC great, message and he’ll tell you how you can help!

Internal Communications

Lea Bonasera

Lea is a third-year Social Science and Humanities student focusing on terrorism, peacebuilding and media. Within the Student Council she will be responsible for Internal Communications, aiming to engage the student body and facilitate communication and transparency between students, lecturers, staff and management. Being incredibly excited to be in Student Council, she is looking forward to working on an improved student experience, pushing AUC forward academically and learning a lot from being a Student Council member.

External Communications

Jelle Ages

Jelle is a third year AUC student, majoring in Social Sciences and focussing on Law. Honoured to be representing the student body during the upcoming academic year, he will be mainly responsible for external communications. This entails for instance keeping in touch with our mother universities (VU and UvA) and collaborating with other UC’s through the UCSRN’s Academic Committee. Moreover, he will be a member of AUC’s Board of Studies, which goal it is to maintain the quality of our education.
In the two years he has spent here, he discovered AUC to be a great college with inspiring lecturers and motivated students. But of course, there’s always room for improvement. One domain he specifically likes to work on, is the transition from AUC to master. He also wants to investigate the possibilities to create more space for students to do a long internship or go abroad without risking not meeting the graduation requirements.
For a student council, it is important always to stay in contact with the students and Jelle will definitely reach out to you throughout the year. However, don’t hesitate to hit him up through


Suzanne Broer

Meet Suzanne! Suzanne is a third year Social Science major, focusing on law and psychology. After having made the pilgrimage from the north of the Netherlands down to AUC, she set her sights on the Student Council. In the Student Council, she will take on the position of Secretary, where she’ll take the minutes for y’all to have a look at, make sure everyone is on top of their work, and keep the team together. Besides this, Suzy will be focusing on the relationship between AUC and master’s degrees, the efficient use of feedback to lecturers and courses, and enabling more students to go abroad or do more internships or community projects. If you have a problem, or you simply want to chat, feel free to approach her!

Contact Us

Get in touch with us through or reach us on our personal emails. Please mind our domain:

Co-Chair Adele Beinaraviciute
Co-Chair Jaime Serra Lopes
Secretary Suzanne Broer
Internal Communications Lea Bonasera
External Communications Jelle Ages