3may6:00 pm- 10:00 pmElections Debate

9may5:00 pm- 8:00 pmElections GA

16may7:00 pm- 12:00 amDormsessions x DTED


6jun8:00 pm- 11:59 amBuezeday

18jun - 19jun 1812:00 pmjun 19Scopophilia - Hidden Systems

24jun1:00 amDormfest


What is the Student Council

The Amsterdam University College Student Council (AUCSC) is the representative body for the students of AUC. We are the bridge between the student body and AUC’s Management Team, the faculty, the VU, UvA and other external parties such as DUWO, and hence are the facilitating body for bringing about change at AUC. This year we have been continuously involved in raising student voices in the construction of the new governance model for AUC.

We are concerned with student representation in all matters pertaining to academics, curriculum, student health and well-being. We have numerous Focus Groups created to tackle specific academic matters and the Tenants Association which deals with all matters pertaining to DUWO and residence at the dorms. In addition, the Student Life Officer (Vinika Porwal), the peer support team and the Resident Assistants all form the health and well-being team for you during your time at AUC. If you wish to approach any of them, their contact details are provided at the bottom of this page. We are also responsible for recommending and approving the changes made to the Academic Standard and Procedures manual and the Student handbook (accessible below).

Lastly, we are here as facilitators for any change(s) that you wish to see at AUC – academic or otherwise. If you have an idea for a new course, or wish to include more critical perspectives in your tracks here, or have suggestions to address any structural problems at AUC, or anything else – get in touch with us by sending an email to or by contacting us in person, and we will get back to you at the earliest and try to work together to see what we can achieve together and make AUC (and beyond) a better place.

What are our goals?

The 2016-2017 Student Council aspires to build on the remarkable work already carried out by the previous boards, as well as focusing on the points you, the student body, find important.

A few of the things we hope to work on this year are:

  1. Visibility of the Student Council and the needs of the students it represents: Better communication, interaction and discussion between students, faculty, management and administration.
  2. Active Education: Being involved in shaping course content, participating in ongoing academic issues through Focus Groups.
  3. Student Initiatives: Ensuring the sustainability of existing initiatives such as Right2Education, Voices of AUC and welcoming new ideas such as the student-run canteen among others.
  4. Quality of AUC academic experience: Amending and altering course evaluations to improve the quality of course content. We are also working on introducing class representatives as a way to improve the evaluation of a course and facilitate a discussion between students.
  5. Diversity at AUC:  Supporting the existing Diversity Outreach group and other external communications. The recent founding of the Solidarity Fund aims to also improve the socio-economic diversity at AUC.
  6. Welfare of students: Enhancing social and academic life at AUC by providing as much information and transparency and ensuring availability of members to resolve problems and open up discussion.For a more extensive policy plan, feel free to pop us an email or drop by to our office.

We hope to achieve our goals by regularly organising sessions in which different bodies can meet such as Focus Group meetings, Cookies and Council (when the members of Student Council answer any possible concerns, questions, issues or open up discussion regarding new suggestions). Additionally, we will encourage students with ideas to attend our weekly meetings  our or approach us during office hours (every Thursday lunch break at our office at AUC). The presence of the “Student Council” whiteboard is a simple but visually effective way of engaging students. This concept entails writing up a question on the board and allowing students to answer by either writing their ideas or by using stickers in the case of a yes/no question. We are also aiming to allow more students to be involved in discussions occurring on a “higher level” by opening up certain representative roles to the entire student body.

Some Statistics


Social Science0


*% of students in each major, as of 2015
Important Documents
The Council

Sofija Stefanovic

Sofija is a second-year Science student taking courses mainly from the Physics, Chemistry and Maths tracks. Although she believes AUC’s Student Council is already quite well-rooted in the student body, she wants to encourage more student participation and highlight the importance of effective agency of the student body as a co-chair of this year’s council. She sees participation in tackling relevant issues as not only an educational enrichment, but also a good attitude to nurture for any form of community and political action beyond and after AUC. Her tasks as the co-chair include, among other things, coordinating the council’s meetings, setting general goals and fulfilling various representative tasks. Some other specific projects Sofija is involved in include AUC’s Rights 2 Education and working on assessing and improving Course Evaluations (AUC’s main feedback mechanism). Apart from this she is supervising the Science Focus group and always willing to chat about improving AUC’s academic experience.


Ellen Ackroyd

Ellen is a second-year Social Science student, focusing on Human Rights but also Culture and Media. Within the Student Council she will be co-chair and working with students on the Academic Core and Community Project/Internship focus group. She will also be representing the Right2Education initiative and working with them to ensure the sustainability of the project. She will also be actively seeking to engage the student body and facilitate communication and transparency between students and teachers so as to ensure an enriching academic experience for all members of the AUC community. She also hopes to help any student wishing to start something new at AUC and is to take part in this creative process.

Internal Communications

Rayan Vugdalic

From September 2016 onwards, he will be a second-year Social Science major. He mainly focuses on Law, but is also highly interested in Political Science as well as International Relations. He is glad he will get to represent the student body, and is notably excited to give life to the ideas and values he studies in class – such as notions of democracy and justice to mention only these. Moreover, he is particularly excited about being in charge of the Internal Communication role, and will do his best to better the visibility the students council has in AUC, not only with students, but with management and faculty as well. He is willing to diversify the means to reach such a goal, and is determined to find what works best with the AUC community.

External Communications

Fatiya Munkaila

Fatiya is a third-year Humanities major with a focus on Literature and Culture.
As External Communications Manager, she will be responsible for maintaining as well as improving the student body's/AUC's relationships with UvA, VU, other UC's, and other external parties. The coming year, she hopes to increase the network that AUC students can benefit from during and after their time at AUC. She looks forward to working with this year's team!


Sarah Stapel

Sarah is a second-year Social Sciences major, with a focus on Law and International Relations. Taking on the role of secretary, she will be in charge of documenting the progress as well as working on communication. She will also work as the Treasurer, to handle expenses, and be part of the Tenants Association, to enable good relations between DUWO and AUC. One of Sarah’s main goals within the Student Council is to establish a more active relationship between the council and the community at AUC, to fully grasp the potential for positive change that AUCSC has to offer.

Contact Us

Get in touch with us through or reach us on our personal emails. Please mind our domain:

Co-Chair Sofija Stefanovic
Co-Chair Ellen Ackroyd
Secretary Sarah Stapel
Internal Communications Rayan Vugdalic
External Communications Fatiya Munkaila