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The Tenants Association (TA) represents all concerns of AUC students regarding life in the dorms. In doing so, the TA works closely with DUWO, Duwoners, the AUCSC, the Resident Assistants (RA’s) and the students. Since 2018, the AUC Tenants Association has been redesigned into an independent organisation consisting of a Board of members, and is now recognized by Duwoners as an official residents committee for a DUWO complex.


Some of the events the TA organizes include the annual Summer Sales in the dorms, where graduating students have the opportunity to sell their furniture to current and incoming students. Each year, the TA will be developing and working on new goals to improve the living situation in the dorms and enhance the communication with DUWO. Think of social events, a string representative system, and incentives to keep each common room and balcony clean and tidy.


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