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This is a list of boards and projects that the Student Council is involved in.


Board of Deans

The board of deans is composed of deans from different faculties of the UvA and VU. The board serves in an advisory capacity to the deans of the science faculties of UvA and VU; the top governing of AUC. The board meets four times a year and discusses a variety of topics related to education strategies, staffing matters and a variety of other topics.


Board of Studies

The Board of Studies is a collection of four students and four teachers with different academic backgrounds who together discuss changes to the structure of academics at AUC. They are an important part of the process in assuring the quality of education at AUC, and are able to issue recommendations, both those put forward by other groups and unsolicited ones, on all issues related to the programme.


Diversity Officer Commissioner

The newly created position has been filled by Ydwine Zanstra. Reach out to her for any questions at


Class representatives

The main reason behind the creation of the class representatives is to facilitate greater involvement of students in their own education and courses, foster reflection through discussion, and improve feedback mechanisms. Moreover, it helps lecturers gain further insight towards improving a course and adapting course content and structure to better results, dynamics and the general standard within the classroom. The role of the class representatives in itself entails different tasks such as facilitating inclusive discussions during course evaluations and communicating the feedback to the lecturer in order to come up with appropriate modifications and changes.


The Solidarity Fund

The AUC Solidarity Fund aims to support the students of AUC in times of financial stress and provide an additional possibility for those individuals seeking emergency financial relief. The Solidarity Fund Bestuur is composed of faculty members, to protect your anonymity. These faculty members will carefully review all applications received and will grant the requests which they find deserving.


Student Association

Amsterdam University College Student Association (AUCSA) is the umbrella organization that provides a platform for all the social activities of students at AUC. The primary role of the AUCSA is to facilitate and coordinate student
endeavors: the actual organization and realization of events and activities are done by the committees and their respective boards.


Student Council

The Amsterdam University College Student Council (AUCSC) is the representative body for the students of AUC. They are the bridge between the student body and AUC’s Management Team, the faculty, the VU, UvA and other external parties such as DUWO, and hence are the facilitating body for bringing about change at AUC.


Student Life Officer

Lydia Roberts is AUC's Student Life Officer. Her role is to strengthen the residential community aspect of the AUC programme and advise AUC on policies and support systems for student well-being. She is the first point of contact at AUC for support on all issues related to student life and is available to meet with students individually to offer support and advise on all student life concerns. To schedule a meeting or consult with Lydia, don't hesitate to contact her at


Tenants Association

The AUC Tenants Associations forms the bridge from the AUC students to AUC and DUWO. They take interest in the maintenance of the dorms and all things regarding student living at AUC, organizing Summer Sales, and writing Welcome Booklets for example.


Voices of –

Voices of Academic Core, Voices of Humanities, Voices of Social Science and Voices of Science are designed to allow students to participate in building their own curriculum. Students can engage and participate in this process by suggesting new courses, altering current courses and introducing changes to their tracks and majors. The Voices of – groups have direct impact on the community by bringing their proposals to the Student Council and Heads of Studies.


Voices of AUC

Voices of AUC is a yearly recurring dialogue and discussion platform for AUC students, staff, and alumni. At the conference, all participants engage with one another on an equal footing to explore one another’s ideas about AUC. This form of constructive conversation allows us to identify problems, create new ideas, and suggest solutions that all members of the AUC community can be proud of. The philosophy is that of ‘participatory leadership’: all layers of the institution should be involved in bringing ideas to the table and making decisions