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About the AUC Student Council

The AUC Student Council is the representative body for students at Amsterdam University College (AUC). This means that our job is to represent the interests of all students regarding all aspects of student life at AUC, such as academics and student well-being. By doing so, we act as a bridge between you as the AUC student community, and the AUC management, faculty and external parties such as the UvA, the VU and DUWO.


Like every student council in the Netherlands, the AUC Student Council has legal rights to ensure that the students of AUC have a say in how AUC is run. These rights include rights of approval, advisory rights and rights of initiative. An exact definition of these and our other rights can be found in the Wet op het Hoger Onderwijs en Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek (WHW) and the VU Nadere Regeling Medezeggenschap.


The input of AUC students is crucial for us in order to do our job right. Because of this, if you are an AUC student, please do not ever hesitate to contact us with any questions, complaints, comments or suggestions you might have. You can reach us by messaging us on Facebook or Instagram, sending an email to or by coming by during our office hours, which we hold every Tuesday during lunch break.

Our Policy Plan

The Policy Plan is a document that outlines the Student Council’s vision and plans for the upcoming academic year and indicates the issues we intend to work on during our term.

Read our Policy Plan
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Bart Knibbe

Bart is a third-year AUC student majoring in the Humanities and pursuing a minor in the Political Science track. He was the External Communications Officer of the 2018-2019 AUC Student Council and is now the Co-Chair of the 2019-2020 AUC Student Council, along with Bluma Brecher. He will resume his efforts to bolster the participatory leadership paradigm at AUC in a continued attempt to give the student body with the ability to influence the (socio-)academic course that AUC sails.


Bluma Brecher

Bluma is a second-year Social Sciences student in the Pre-Law track, focusing on human rights and constitutional law. Within the 2019-2020 Student Council, she will be taking on the role of Co-Chair alongside Bart Knibbe. As Co-Chair, Bluma is planning to focus on creating a safer and more viable learning environment at AUC, initiate a broader conversation concerning academic excellence and is hoping to de-stigmatise discussions surrounding mental health and student well-being. Given her great passion for social justice and diversity, Bluma’s main aim for the upcoming year is to make AUC more inclusive and accessible for all its students.

Internal Communications Officer

Jaël Kortekaas

Jaël is a third-year Sciences major focusing on the Information and Cognition tracks. As Internal Communications Officer, Jaël will mainly be responsible for providing the AUC student community with all relevant information pertaining to Student Council matters. Next to this, she will also be the main contact person for students that approach the Student Council with ideas, remarks or complaints. Her primary goal for this year’s Student Council is to increase student engagement by improving the council’s visibility and by being more open and communicative with the student community.

Student Affairs Officer

Valérie Heinz

Valérie is a third-year Social Sciences student, with a focus on international relations and conflict studies. In this year’s Student Council, she will serve as Student Affairs Officer, with a special focus on student well-being at AUC. Together with a team of dedicated students, she will be responsible for organising events such as the annual Voices of AUC event and discussion groups, all with the aim of improving the student experience at AUC.

External Communications Officer

Annemijn Ooms

Annemijn is a third-year Social Sciences student focussing on the Pre-Law and Economics tracks. As External Relations Officer of this year’s AUC Student Council, she will promote and expand the Student Council’s network and manage communications with external parties, which include the UvA and VU Student Councils and Green Offices, the UCSRN and the Tenants Association. She will also work on the Master’s Database and other topics related to graduate life. Throughout her term, Annemijn will be dedicated to supporting the development and involvement of the Student Council in all aspects of student life within and outside of AUC.

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Co-Chair Bluma Brecher
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