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14jun6:30 pm- 10:00 pmHandsOn Charity Dinner6:30 pm - 10:00 pm

14jun7:00 pm- 11:00 pmHandsOn Presents: Funraising Iftar7:00 pm - 11:00 pm

16jun11:00 am- 11:00 pmDormsessions Festival 201811:00 am - 11:00 pm

20jun5:00 pmFoodyard 20185:00 pm

23jun11:00 am- 11:00 pmDormfest 201811:00 am - 11:00 pm

28jun - 29jun 288:00 pmjun 29Solace End of the Year Party8:00 pm - 1:00 am (29)


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The Election Statements
Description of positions

The process

  1. Attend the info sessions on 19th and 20th of March.
  2. Arrange a coffee date in between March 20nd – April 2nd via mailing Make sure to specify which position you’re interested in and if you want to date one Board member specifically! At the date, you can ask all your questions you’re pondering. You’re also able to sit down for a coffee date with multiple of us (if you’re e.g. doubting between two positions).
  3. To apply, send in you CV and motivation letter (max. 1000 words) to by April 6th. In your motivation letter, address the following topics:
    • Your goals
      • For you personally
      • For the board
      • For the association
    • Why you think your qualities make you suitable for a board year in the AUCSA
    • Optional: What your preferred position is and why you think you are the right person for this position
  4. Come in for an interview with the Election Commission. Dates for interviews are between April 9th-20th
  5. Participate in the debate between the candidates on May 8th.
  6. Deliver your speech at the General Assembly on May 15th


The Elections Commission

The Elections Commission is composed of one Advisory Council member, an ex-AUCSA Board member and an independent AUCSA member, and is in charge of the elections. The Elections Commission receives the applications and has the interviews with the candidates. Once the candidates have chosen for which position they are running, the Elections Commission proposes a Board to the General Assembly.

Questions to the EC can be addressed at

If you have any questions about the process or about elections in general, please send an email to, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Important Dates

Elections for the Board of ’18-’19:

  • 19th and 20th of March Attend info sessions
  • 22nd of March – 2nd of April schedule Coffee Dates
  • 6th of April Application Deadline
  • 9th-20th of April Come in for your Elections interview
  • 26th of April Elections Statement deadline
  • 8th of May Elections Debate
  • 15th of May Elections GA
  • 8th-11th of June Transition Weekend


Marik Westerhof


I am Marik, and I am a second-year science student majoring in the information track. I am running for president of the AUCSA board of the year to come. You might have seen me walking around at many of the amazing events that students and their committees have brought forth over the past years: I believe this creativity and enthusiasm are the things that make the AUC community so amazing! My goal is to uphold these values during the next academic year, and have these as starting points for any decision.


During my time in the bubble, I have been working at AUCafé to organize events for students and collaborate with other committees. I have taken part in setting up the Acquisitions Team earlier this year to look for sponsorships for our association. Being even more involved with the community and motivating board, committees, and partners is something I would very much look forward to.


One of the coming year’s biggest challenges is handling finances. As we’ve seen throughout the past months, big cuts have been made in the budgets of most committees. These cuts put a limit on AUC’s creativity and stops people from executing their inspirational ideas. I strongly believe that money should never limit incentives, and that is why I plan to tackle this debt differently: instead of decreasing expenses, we can increase AUCSA’s income considerably with sponsor deals, and build relationships with third parties to allow our community to flourish.


Great efforts have been made by the current AUCSA board to improve committee involvement, however, I feel that the board could be much more approachable, especially to first years. The office is currently a no-go zone for people not directly involved in board business, which is something I intend to change too. AUCSA mingling for everyone!

Tim Arbeid


When I look at the AUCSA in comparison to other student associations, I see something special. I see an association that is almost fully integrated in the community, close to the people and very approachable. However, I also see the AUCSA’s huge unfulfilled potential. I believe the whole AUC community would greatly benefit from a more professional approach when it comes to budgeting, acquisitions and communication, while it finds the right balance with staying the approachable and enthusiastic association that distinguishes itself from all other associations. Focussing on acquisitions and tighter budgeting is necessary right now, in order to be able to improve our current financial state, which is, unfortunately, still a serious problem.


Next to that, I want the AUCSA to focus on creating more diverse audiences at events, stimulate 2nd and 3rd year involvement by organizing more interesting events for them and improve cross-board communication.


From me personally, you can all expect determination, full dedication and a lot of effort to reach next year’s goals. Because of my considerable amount of experience with chairing committees, I know the pitfalls and difficulties that come with this position. Not only do I want to hold on to the enthusiasm and positivity of this year’s AUCSA board, I also want to be a representative of all AUC students and work really hard to show everyone all the beauty this interesting community has to offer.


“Cool ideas, but how would you do all of this exactly?” Don’t worry, I have worked out these ideas extensively, but I only have 300 words to introduce myself here. If you want to hear the full story, I would like to invite you to come to the debate and elections or feel free to approach me at any moment for a talk.


Jasmijn Doorgeest


Dear all!

I’m Jasmijn Doorgeest, running for Secretary of the AUCSA, and currently a 21-year-old first-year studying Political Science and International Relations. Originally I’m from Amsterdam, though I’ve lived close to Rotterdam for the biggest part of my life.


Shortly after starting at AUC I joined RAW, the new photography committee. As their Event Manager, I’ve gotten the opportunity to cooperate with other committees, learn about the workings of a board, and about the structure of the AUCSA. Next to that, I’ve been part of the UCSRN Tournament Team. Being on this team has given me hands-on experience in dealing with the logistics for a large group of people, and it has taught me how important communication is. I’ve also gained insight into the UCSRN as an organisation, and what it aims to achieve.


Throughout the year I’ve really enjoyed being part of the AUC community, by both attending and organizing events. Through running for the AUCSA Board, I hope to be able to take on more responsibility within the association, and thereby facilitate the committees in organizing events, but also arrange the yearly bigger events such as Winter Formal. Additionally, I hope to improve the association on aspects such as the feedback system and find a possible replacement for the current promotion platform for committee events.


As a Secretary, I would use my strengths as a committed, organised team player to make sure the Board runs smoothly, and I would be as communicative as possible towards both my fellow board members and the entire association. Lastly, I would aim for the Board to maintain an open and approachable character.


Thanks for reading along, and I hope to see you all at the Elections Debate and General Assembly!

Phoebe Mullis


Making my way down Carolina MacGillavrylaan

Faces pass and I’m Maslow bound

Staring ahead I see the AUSCA

Making their way through the AB

And I still want this

And I still need this

And now I wonder

If I could run for the board

Do you think I could stand the test?

‘Cause you know I’d type a thousand minutes

If I could just be your secretary


Hi, my name is Phoebe Mullis, I’m a first year, and would love to be the next secretary!


What would I do as secretary?

  • Feedback: As secretary it’s all communication. It would be great to get more feedback from our members (you guys!) on what AUCSA is doing. Surveys and sessions on important topics should happen regularly.
  • Promotional improvements: Those toilets are getting annoying right? Proper promotion spots for committees is a must. Instagram should also be utilized more frequently, posts on Facebook tend to get lost!
  • Student Council communication: The Student Council is so important, and we need to have better communication and exposure to the rest of the community! I believe AUCSA can provide this.

Why am I best?

  • Experienced: I have been very involved in the community this year and have relevant experience on both the AUCMUN PR team and the Dormfest board. My involvement in PR translates well into the secretary position.
  • Involved: You may have seen me bouncing around at AUC events, I am truly passionate about the social atmosphere at this University and the next step for me is to help keep it amazing.
  • Approachable: As a secretary I come into contact with you guys quite a lot (think newsletters, emails, etc.) it is so important to be approachable and I think this is one of my best qualities.


Feel free to chat with me!


Willemijn de Hoop


Hello everyone!

My name is Willemijn (also known as Willy) and I am running for the position of treasurer of the AUCSA board. You may have seen me during an AUCafé borrel pouring you a beer, or during a SlayUC workshop showing off my (not so) impressive dance moves.

I am an energetic person with a positive attitude, and I am always up for some fun.  I think as a treasurer this will not only help me to do my job with excitement, but also to make treasury more approachable and fun. During AUC I have been involved in several committees and teams (SlayUC, TEDx, Jeugdlab, Barcrew, Dormfest), which taught me how to juggle responsibilities and work efficiently while still maintaining a social calendar. It also showed me the great possibilities our association has to offer and therefore I think I am a good representative of the many interests our community hosts.

I realize finances is a touchy subject within the AUCSA, many budgets have been cut this year due to the unavoidable liabilities. That’s why I want to make sure that the liabilities are clearer to the AUC student bodyand take measures to settle these. This year I have been acquiring sponsors intensively for TEDx and Dormfest, and therefore I have gained the necessary skills and experience to advance the AUCSA acquisitions team and establish ties with external partners. Furthermore, I intend to work closely together with all committees and Audit, in order to prevent miscommunication and to make the finances as transparent and understandable as possible.

Because of my  enthusiasm and experience I believe I am the right woman for this job. I realize it’s going to be a lot of work, but I am more than willing to go the extra mile. I have many more ideas and plans that I’m happy to explain in person since they won’t fit in this statement, so if you see me around, don’t hesitate to approach me and have a chat about it. See you at the elections debate!



Committee Affairs Officer

Alexander Sleeckx


Hi there, my name is Alexander Sleeckx, I come from a small town in Belgium and I’m 22 years old. After having to drop out of high school when I was 16, I received my high school degree only last year. It was a bumpy road, but definitely worth it now that I’m here. Being the first person in my direct family to join a university association, I had no real expectation of – or connection to uni-life. I can barely express how grateful I am for the opportunity this school has given me. I finally feel part of a bigger community, and I have everyone at AUC to thank for that. The committees’ creative ideas, their collaborations and common fervor to realize their events is something I lovingly want to support. I will do this by being an advocate of proper communication – a listener as well as an activator. Even though I might not know the ins and outs of running a professional organization, I have the passion to learn it. I consider the committees to be the heart of our shared sense of community. If they need direction, I believe I can give it to them. That’s why I am running for Committee Affairs Officer. I have already shown myself that it takes hard work and dedication to get where you want to be. The next step is to show my resolution to you. Good luck and respect to all the other candidates!

Berend Hilberts




I’m Berend, a 19-year-old second-year science major. I was born in New York and raised by my Dutch parents. I’m running for CAO because I have a vision: an inclusive, accepting and transparent AUCSA. Something every single member can be proud of for its opportunities, diversity, openness and support.


The key to realizing my vision is you! Ultimately the AUCSA would be nothing without its community.


In my vision, the AUCSA board is a representation of the student body. I want to increase the communities’ involvement in the AUCSA. I think the best way to do this is to lift the curtain surrounding the AUCSAs decisions, hold regular sessions for feedback and new ideas, improve the AUCSAs general approachability and reach out to the students not yet involved in the community.


The issue we face is that there are so many events that they are competing for attention, resulting in none getting the attention they deserve. I want to work together with the committees to throw less but bigger events.


Finances are important. But I see them as a means to an end and not an end itself. I want to work closely together with the community to create a culture of financial responsibility in order to lay the foundation for positive change.


I am confident that My calm, caring, joyful, supportive personality in combination with my ambitious and hardworking nature make me suitable for the position. I hope to draw from the experience I’ve gained as a Chair of Junket, Dormfest stage manager and Chair of my high school freshman week orginisation. To give me an excellent foundation to hit the ground running and implement the change you and I want to see.


This is not the Ber-end, merely the Ber-ginning.


Thank you for reading my statement!

Grace John


Three universities in three different continents in the time span of two years. This sums up my relationship with ​change​.
It has brought me great comfort to be an individual at AUC and learn from everyone around me that has had a story similar to mine. The motivation I have to improve and influence our community, is driven by my appreciation of everyone who understands and applauds our ​individuality​. Fueled by our past experiences and cultural differences, we all face the question of “where’s home?”

Somehow, we find home right here in this small community we have made for ourselves. With all our travelling and moving around, it seems like our lives demand so much energy, devotion and resilience to simply get by. Are we ever able to devote all that energy to give back to society? Well, the good news is, I believe I have enough energy to do that for all of us. As a dedicated, hands-on and enthusiastic person, I intend on committing myself to, not only-building my roots here- but attending to the needs of those around me (you guys), developing the present diversity at AUC and helping us all grow in this flourishing community we’ve built together.

In doing so, I plan on working with our committees as CAO to help organize events that’ll continue to integrate us all and hopefully by the end of our journey here, every individual will be able to look back and call this place ​a home.

Ioana Murgoci


Hey! I’m Jo! This is my first year at AUC, studying international relations and law. I have been active in community projects such as conferences, debates and volunteering organisations both in Romania, my native country, and the Netherlands. Currently, I’m a general member of Pangea and the coordinator of the programme team for an upcoming event regarding climate change. I consider myself an efficient team player, a quick learner and eager to contribute to the improvement of our social and academic lives.  My desire of becoming a part of the AUCSA board comes from my determination to give back more than I receive and help with building and improving the bond between us as a student body, faculty members and people from other associations. If given the opportunity and trust to be one of the three CAOs, I would be glad to use my time and efforts in helping AUCSA grow even more. My focus will be oriented towards the well-being and prosperity of the committees and the association, always keeping in mind our budget status, with the help of the to-be-treasurer. I believe transparency is the secret ingredient in our community and I’ll make sure it improves over time. My goal is to create a friendship not only with the committees I may oversee, but with every student I get in contact with, which will be a great benefit for the entire team, as your feedback is essential for our activities. Some of my proposals are social events in which people can discuss their ideas and how they are going to implement them, a theme for each academic week for the office hours when people can freely express their thoughts and bringing people with experience from outside AUC who may develop a project in collaboration with our students.

Katelyn Hojeibane


Heya AUC,

My name is Katelyn and I’m part of the final breed of Feb starters here at AUC. Wanting to make my fellow febbies proud, I am running for Committee Affairs Officer in our lovely AUCSA board. My journey from the US to the Netherlands started a little over a year ago, and since then I’ve been in a whole different world from what I was used to. This change pushed me to broaden my views and to not be afraid to dive into the community that is AUC. After my arrival I immediately started to join committees I was interested in, beginning as PR manager for Pangea and then later joining AUCafé and Pubquiz. By being in these boards, I have seen the inside of how these committees work and I have learned and grown with each one of them. Now I want to take my experience, new ideas and love for being involved in this community to the next level by being a CAO for the AUCSA.  I want to listen to, and be an advocate for the committees as best as possible, while also being a facilitator for collaborations between boards. Additionally, I hope to bring a larger consciousness for the environment into the AUCSA. That’s all for now, looking forward to seeing you all at the debate!!


Lots of love,



Siem Teusink


Dear fellow members of the AUCSA,


My name is Siem Teusink. I am a second-year physics student and will be running for the Committees Affairs Officer position of the AUSCA board 2018-2019.


I have acquired board experience this year through being part of the OnStage board as a General Project Manager, with tasks similar to those I would have as a CAO. This has been a useful experience in taking the lead, handling responsibility, and communicating clearly. The pleasure that comes with organising numerous events has motivated me to contribute to the organisation on a larger scale. As such I am now applying for the AUCSA.


This year some large events experienced a drop in attendance, putting the association under pressure. CAO’s can and should be more than just a contact point with the AUCSA board. As a CAO, I would aim for a proactive role of support so we could prevent drops in attendance or spikes in expenses of events. Whether this takes the form of advice on effective promotion or determining the right date for events, it requires a high level of involvement, which is something I plan on bringing to the team next year.


I am naturally an energetic and enthusiastic person, which will help to drive the board, motivate the committees that I work with, and maintain the high level of involvement I envision to bring. Furthermore, I am not afraid to share my opinion or critiques or take initiative in a group. These traits make me an approachable person and someone that works well in a team. The characteristics  and the experience that I have make me a good fit for the AUCSA board.


I am looking forward to the fun moments but also to the more challenging moments.


Kind regards,

Siem Teusink