3may6:00 pm- 10:00 pmElections Debate

9may5:00 pm- 8:00 pmElections GA

16may7:00 pm- 12:00 amDormsessions x DTED


6jun8:00 pm- 11:59 amBuezeday

18jun - 19jun 1812:00 pmjun 19Scopophilia - Hidden Systems

24jun1:00 amDormfest




The Election Statements
Description of positions


Currently occupied by Lance Bosch

AUSCA_DEF_GRADED_V1-6_EDIT As chair of the AUCSA you serve on the one hand as the glue of the association, ensuring conditions in which all Board members can work at their best, and making sure the members together represent the vision of the AUCSA as a whole. On the other hand you should also function as the oil that makes the Board run smoothly; you will have to make sure the Board members stick to their deadlines, are able to function properly together and the whole of the Board works as a functioning machine. These two aspects, making all parts stick together coherently as the AUCSA, and making sure all the components run smoothly together makes up the challenging task for you as chair.  In the end you yourself are also a part of the Board, though you are not the boss, but the leader of the intricate and intense machine the AUCSA Board is.




Currently occupied by Lasse Rogie

As Secretary you have a crucial role in the Board. Communication,
organisation and information arAUSCA_DEF_GRADED_V1-11e the key compenents related to this position. This mostly includes internal communication, as all communication for and from the students runs through you, as well as the promotion of events the board organises but also that of committees. This will be done mostly through the MyAUC website, the board calendar, the newsletter, the AUCSA’s Facebook and the LCD screens. External mail, meetings and constitution drinks are also on your to do list. The secretary takes minutes during the board meetings every week as well as at the General Assemblies, keeps the documentation (that is, non-financial administration) and the agenda up to date, making sure that all runs smoothly with openness and of course student interaction. As secretary, it is important that you are organized and know how to manage your time efficiently as a lot of correspondence goes through you and you need to ensure that all parties receive the required information. Moreover, it is important that you have an eye for detail and have a good understanding of Public Relations and how to portray the AUCSA to the outside world. It is a fun, rewarding and great learning experience.



Currently occupied by Andy O. Daab

AUSCA_DEF_GRADED_V1-2As treasurer you will oversee all financial matters of AUCSA – shocker! It is important to keep in mind that AUCSA’s finances are also those of the committees (31 committees & teams, as of March 2015!).  You will be in charge of the overall yearly budget: from its creation, discussing individual committee budgets, and culminating in its approval by the AUSCA members (all AUC students). The oversight of the approved budget throughout the year is as important as its formulation. Since expenses do not always go according to plan, the capacity to adapt and to quickly respond to changes is essential. You will also be in charge of AUCSA’s bank account, bookkeeping (super duper important!!), and potentially an acquisitions team. Many might think this is mostly a “behind the scenes” position, but as treasurer you are an integral part of AUCSA’s decision making, and also the go-to person when committees struggle with their finances.


Committee Affairs Officer

AUSCA_DEF_GRADED_V1-7Currently occupied by Petra K. Stangvik, Ilen Madhavji, and Gordon Lucas.

The AUCSA Board has three Committee Affairs Officers. As this title is way too long, they are usually referred to as the CAOs (Sounds a lot like CEO – impress family and friends by pronouncing it fast!). As a CAO, you are the main link between the AUCSA Board and the committees. You will be the person that committees contact when they need something or have questions. Conversely, you are
the one the board turns to when they want to be updated about the committees. The AUSCA_DEF_GRADED_V1-13_EDITcontact usually consists of the ‘basic committee things’: committee budgets, ticket sales, room booking for activities etc. Besides having these main tasks, you are an essential part of the AUCSA Board. This means that you attend the weekly board meetings and have a crucial standpoint in AUCSA’s general policy. This position requires discipline to keep up with the e-mails and good communicative and social skills. We look forward to the elections and welcoming one of you on board.

Additional TasksAUSCA_DEF_GRADED_V1-3

Apart from the abovementioned position-specific responsibilities, each AUCSA board member is responsible for one or more additional tasks
that aren’t attached to their positions. These “floating” tasks, as we like to call them, are a big part of the AUCSA agenda and have to do with everything from ordering the books for the book sale every semester to being a representative in the UCSRN board. Together and in collaboration with the old board, these tasks are divided during the transition weekend in order to ensure that the workload is evenly distributed and everybody knows what’s expected of them. Some tasks lie more logically with a CAO or Secretary for example, but nothing is set in stone and it depends largely on what people are interested in pursuing! The following tasks are divided amongst the AUCSA board members: AUCAA, StudyStore (Booksale), MerchandiseDormfest, Introduction Week, Winter Formal, Big Committees, and Acquisition (new!) . Just because one person is responsible for one of the abovementioned tasks doesn’t mean they’re solely responsible for everything related to it – the AUCSA works together closely as a board and especially big events like Introduction Week and Winter Formal are organized by the entire board and the person ‘responsible’ acts more as a contact person or messenger between the involved parties.

The process

  1. Attend the info sessions on 22nd and 23rd of March.
  2. Arrange a coffee date in between March 27th – April 9th via mailing Make sure to specify which position you’re interested in and if you want to date one Board member specifically! At the date, you can ask all your questions you’re pondering. You’re also able to sit down for a coffee date with multiple of us (if you’re e.g. doubting between two positions).
  3. To apply, send in you CV and motivation letter (max. 1000 words) to by April 9th. In your motivation letter, address the following topics:
    • Your goals
      • For you personally
      • For the board
      • For the association
    • Why you think your qualities make you suitable for a board year in the AUCSA
    • Optional: What your preferred position is and why you think you are the right person for this position
  4. Come in for an interview with the Election Commission. Dates for interviews are between April 10th-22nd
  5. Participate in the debate between the candidates on May 3rd.
  6. Deliver your speech at the General Assembly on May 9th


The Election Committee

The Election Committee is composed of two Advisory Council members and an independent AUCSA member, and is in charge of the elections. This year, it consists of Stefanie Berendsen (previously AUCSA), Maarten Albers (previously Student Council), and Danielle Wagenaar (previously Student Council and UCSRN). The Elections Committee receives the applications and has the interviews with the candidates. Once the candidates have chosen for which position they are running, the Election Committee proposes a Board to the General Assembly.

Questions to the EC can be addressed at

If you have any questions about the process or about elections in general, please send an email to, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Important Dates
  • 22nd and 23rd of March Attend info sessions
  • 27th of March – 9th of April schedule Coffee Dates
  • 9th of April Application Deadline
  • 10th-21st of April Come in for your Elections interview
  • 24th of April Elections Statement deadline
  • 3rd of May Elections Debate
  • 9th of May Elections GA
  • 2nd-4th of June Transition Weekend



Ishvar Lalbahadoersing


My name is Ishvar Lalbahadoersing, I am a second year science student with a profound interest in debating and IR. I am excited about running for the AUCSA’s chair position. So far, in my two years at AUC, I have been part of a couple of boards and their activities. Of all those, my true potential was shown in the AUCMUN board where I functioned as the Secretary-General, where I acquired the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively and successfully lead a team.


I want to start by saying that the current AUCSA board did a wonderful job, and my goal would be to continue building on their work. They made a solid fundament for the SA’s in the future. In my vision, connection is the keyword. If we can improve the connections within boards, between boards and with the AUC community,then I believe we take a big step into the right direction of making AUCSA even more efficient and structured.


The new AUCSA board should help the boards be more connected, if they wish to be, and offer more opportunities to work together, therefore making use of each other’s qualities and knowledge. In this way, collaboration between boards will become easier.


Second, I want to improve the external relations, putting AUCSA on the academic and social map. This is very achievable as we organize many inspiring events with help of the boards. Lastly, as was advocated by the current board, we need to have one clear method of promotion. The AUCSA’s committee feed was already an improvement, but according to me, we need to make more use of the calendar on the website.


I hope that my ambitions are in line with your vision for AUCSA’s future and wish to see you at the debate and GA!


Kind Regards,


Ishvar Lalbahadoersing


Anette Mäletjärv


Dear AUC Community,


I’m Anette, a 20-year-old first year Social Sciences major from Estonia and in the AUCSA elections I am running for the position of chair. The main reason is that AUC has become my home and family, so I would like to contribute to improving the society life and community feeling as much and as directly as possible. The previous board did a marvellous job and I would like to keep the level high and the board transparent, healthy and motivated. I also am really looking forward to working with a board full of inspiring and incredible people. My main goal regarding the committees is to foster more communication and collaboration between different parties. The idea is to avoid different groups organizing events with the exact same idea and concept, but rather collaborate, which is beneficial for all the parties involved. As lovely as our AUC bubble and its people are, I would also like to see more visible communication and events together with the other UC-s, UvA and VU students. As an international student myself, I am also very enthusiastic about organizing Intro Week and wish to even further aid and smoothen the process of moving abroad and adjusting to the Netherlands for international students. All in all, I am very excited, as I have chaired multiple boards before (student councils, PR teams, events’ organizational teams), but never for an association as big as AUCSA. But I am prepared to take on this challenge, work hard, have fun, enjoy the year and improve as a person.


Thanos Theofanakis

Hi! I’m Thanos Theofanakis, home-grown Amsterdammer and part of the September AUClass of ‘19. Staying true to the spirit of AUC, I am super interested in Cognition and IR (SSC), but also Media and History (HUM). Through this short introduction, I’m supposed to let you know what I am running for, what my vision is and how I plan to achieve this, so I better get going.


The fact that you’re reading this probably means you are interested in the elections and, by extension, in the AUCSA. And you’re totally right to do so. The AUCSA is a large player in all of our student lives. However, something I’ve noticed is that a lot of people, even if they participate in many of the events, don’t seem very interested in or know a lot about the functioning of the organisation. That is why I want to make it easier for people to learn more about and become involved in the AUCSA, primarily by making everything the board discusses much more transparent, for example by posting meeting minutes after the board gets together to discuss relevant issues.


The other major thing I would focus on is tighter cooperation between the AUCSA board and non-AUCSA organisations in AUC. There are a lot of student initiatives and organisations that are not part of the AUCSA, but that does not mean they’re any less important to AUC and the student body.


Because both of my main aims for the AUCSA board have a lot to do with the general direction of the organisation itself, I have decided I can best achieve my aims as chair of the board.


I would love to get to know you in person sometime!

See you soon, and hopefully at the elections debate!



Louise ten Bosch


Dear AUC Community,


My name is Louise ten Bosch, and this is a story all about how my life got switched and turned upside down and I’d like to take a minute just to sit right here and tell you why I’m running for the AUCSA board for 2017-18 as Secretary. I was born and bred in London, England, however my roots lie in the land we currently all reside in. I am a second year Feb starter, which as we all know means that I’m socially stunted, because of this I have managed to get chronically over involved in this beautiful community. First joining the Catch board in my first semester as Head of Hockey and then becoming Human resources manager at AUCafe. I later, in my second semester joined the UCSRN team as Head of Logistics, which we successfully round off on Saturday 22nd April after months of preparation to ensure the smooth running of such a major event.


After being involved in so many different teams and boards I wanted to cement my experience, AUCSA therefore seemed like the perfect choice. As a part of the AUCSA board I would like to increase collaboration with the community outside Auc, including the UvA students as science park, I would also like to be a representative for Feb starters and improve the social cohesion between the September starters and the February starters. My aim for next year is to also make the AUCSA board an approachable, representative and cohesive board. I believe I am a suitable candidate for the position as I am a very dedicated and hard worker. I am good at connecting and motivating people. I work well within a team and would love to be a part of the next AUCSA board to continue gaining experience.


Hopefully see you all at the elections debate!


Rosalie Dielesen


Meet well…. me, Rosalie Dielesen; a first year social science student, hoping to focus her track on law. I only started AUC in September, but let me tell you it was overwhelming. Especially, the entire organisation of the committees seemed so complicated and never ending. Mainly because AUCSA focuses on everyone’s voices being represented and heard through these committees. My goal would be to improve the transparency of what the AUCSA and its committees characterize. The manual, which let’s be honest not everyone has read, is actually very informative and should be promoted in a much more positive and communicative way. This could boost first year involvement in committees but also show that being in a committee is not all about the little bubble we live in; yes i said it. I believe that University College in general should be advertised as much as possible: for one to avoid the million questions you receive when you tell another student what kind of study you do, but also to popularize our educational system in a positive light towards the outside world. I believe that I can bring a new perspective to the AUCSA with my international background, which may have a different kind of “hands on approach”. It also seems like a great learning opportunity, in order for me to develop as a person and the new people as a group. At least that is my honest point of view. In other words, what you see is what you get. Throw in a little coffee addiction, a hint of Belgian/ French and you would have a perfect description of me; and maybe the future AUCSA secretary?

Version 3

Elizabeth Schippers


Bonjour, Hola, Hallo. My name is Elizabeth Schippers, a Humanities student in heart and soul with a special love for culture and history (but actually, also philosophy, and literature, and art, and film). I am a huge fan of the whole AUC community and would love to immerse myself in the bubble even more, which is why I am running for Secretary.


As the secretary of AUC, I will have the honour to be responsible for communication of all sorts, like between the board and the student body. I believe that the AUCSA is crucial to the full student-life-experience within the bubble, and I am of the opinion that communication between the student association and the student body should become more transparent, allowing the students to get more involved and informed about what is going on. Events such as the GA should become more accessible for students by making them shorter and more representative of the committees. It is crucial for students to get involved and influence the money flow of the AUCSA, instead of letting the 20 students that make it through the four hours decide on matters that involve the whole community. By making communication between the AUSCA and the student body more accessible and transparent, the student body can actively participate and contribute to the AUCSA, and therefore, to their own student-life-experience.


Besides the communication between AUCSA and the student body, I would also to create more communication between the committees. There are many, many wonderful committees at AUC and I believe a lot of them could work together to create even more wonderful events. By organizing monthly meetings between the chairs of every committee, everyone will be up-to-date, allowing committees to create a wonderful bond of friendship and collaboration.


In a nutshell: communication is key! It’s a thing people say about both businesses and relationships, and the relationship between the AUCSA and the students of AUC is the most wonderful and special one of all.


Photo Amber te Winkel

Amber te Winkel


AUC has a diverse, excellent, and global community. Even though all its members have heard this cliché way too often, it is still true. It is what makes studying here so exciting for me, studying amongst some of the most intricate, and interesting people I will ever meet: you, my fellow students! Personally, I am currently a first-year student, majoring in Physics apart from following classes in Philosophy and Political Science. As your Treasurer next year, I intend to be an active and open member of the AUCSA, both within its board, and towards you. Not only my multiple interests – one of which is finances – but also the many inspiring committee members that I will get in touch with, following their own paths during their time here, will motivate me to put in all possible effort to serve you. I will be fair and honest, whilst being strong and thinking critically, as I believe this will benefit everyone the most in the end. Besides that, I will fight to increase AUC’s diversity even more; I am however also aware of the threat of diversity: alienation from one another. We need to guard this very well to keep our community happily diverse, by promoting mutual understanding and respect between individuals. The responsibilities of the Treasurer might not directly cover this, but I will definitely stimulate the AUCSA Board as a whole to work towards it. I hope to receive the honor of being your Treasurer next year, so that I can carry out this vision and support all of you in your endeavors, by managing the financial matters to the best of my abilities!


Charlotte Kroese


Dear habitants of our beloved bubble,


New statement, new position, new challenge – you might have seen in my previous Election Statement that I was running for the position for Secretary for your new AUCSA of 2017-2018. However, I have had a change of heart and have decided to run for the position of Treasurer instead. Allow me to re-introduce myself: My name is Charlotte Kroese and I am a first year Social Science student. My AUC experience has been amazing so far, and I intend to welcome our future (exchange) students feel as warm-hearted as I was past September. I believe that what makes AUC such an awesome place is you – the people who set up committees, initiate collabs with external parties in Amsterdam and abroad, put hard work in your events and attend them too, and generally make AUC feel like home. As Treasurer, a vital position for the existence and growth of committees, it is important to support our social life in every way possible. All of our committees, big and small, old and new, are important to make people feel included and at home at AUC. I plan to improve, structure and organize our Treasury even further, so that it runs even more smoothly and is more transparent. The role of the Treasurer in this is, I believe, vital, since committees need funding and can sometimes struggle financially, which is where I step in; in order to create an environment in which all ideas have the chance to become reality. My prior experience in the field of finance includes managing the budget of the party commission at my high school and of my high school’s graduation party. Moreover, I am open, communicative, approachable and I love working in a dedicated team. As a member of the AUCafé Board, I have seen how a large committee operates, also in collaboration with external parties and other committees, and I believe the skills I have acquired over the past few years make me fit to take on this new exciting task. Should you have any burning questions regarding my switch to a new position, my prior experience, or my capabilities, do not hesitate to ask me! Participation is key.


On that note, enjoy the last day of spring break, and I will see you all at the Debate and the Elections GA!


Ciaooo, Char

Screenshot 2017-04-24 18.00.16

Twan Stegeman



I’m Twan, first year (almost second) science major here at AUC. Originally from Utrecht my time in Amsterdam so far has been amazing, with the gym nearby and all the different people to spend time with, the great teachers at our university, living in one of the most interesting cities in the world and I got to experience the wonderful life in the dorms with the committees and want to take the opportunity to help out and run for treasurer. The AUCSA functions as a foundation for all members to build upon with their creativity, a foundation which I want to uphold and strengthen. I want to Facilitate the success of committees because they, together with our diversity, set AUC apart from any other university. I have an interest in the role as treasurer because I would like to support the committees at their core, financially and legally. I want to help the AUCSA and committees navigate the confusing labyrinth of financial and legal matters to make sure we as a community are not hampered in functioning and can focus on what they do best, by taking care of  the budget and contracts. I also want to improve on the marketing and transparency of the GA so more people will come to take part. Together with my driven mindset and training of the great Andy O Daab I’ve got the confidence and discipline to make sure everything is in check and better To make our community and especially the committees and the AUCSA function frictionless and provide solid communication with AUC. As your treasurer next year I will make sure that I will give AUC just as much as it gave me.

Committee Affairs Officer


Madelief van Dongen


It is with great enthusiasm that I announce my candidacy for the position of CAO for the AUCSA Board 2017-2018. My name is Madelief van Dongen and during my freshman year at AUC, I have been a member of the TEDxAUCollege Speakers Team as well as the Pubquiz Board. It is through my involvement in these committees, that I became acquainted with dozens of passionate and hard-working students. I would be honored to be a part of the umbrella organization that is at the base of this and to contribute to making this infrastructure and community function even better.


In my opinion, the approachability of the AUCSA board is something that can continuously be improved. I consider myself a social and approachable person and as CAO, I want to personally motivate and enthuse committee members when creating new initiatives. Furthermore, I plead for the promotion of either a physical or online suggestion box that would give a voice to individual students. The ideas, questions and suggestions would be regularly discussed during board meetings.


A problem encountered by many committees is the poor attendance of their events. I believe this could be improved through establishing a better communication among different committees. Two chair meetings per semester would allow for possible collaborations and avoid event clashes. Moreover, AUC students can be overwhelmed by the amount of events and happenings occurring in our bubble, which is why we should focus on the quality of our events instead of the quantity. I am convinced that fewer events that are better spread throughout the semester, can help increase the attendance rates.


Through the aforementioned, I want to strengthen the collaboration between the AUCSA board, the members and the committees. In my opinion, the latter is of great importance in ensuring the representativeness of our association.


Berend Jansen


Dear AUC community,

My name is Berend Jansen, a second-year science major focusing on Mathematics and Computer Science, and I am running for CAO for the AUCSA board of 2017-18. Unfortunately, I was born in Diemen, but I feel like a real Amsterdammer after going to high school in this beautiful city we all call home.


I see myself as a highly-motivated person and I am excited to work with all of you to make the AUC community even better than it already is. I am disciplined, well-connected, and eager to engage; this together with my experience is what makes me a suitable candidate for this position.


During the last eight months, I have been the event manager for AUCafé. As part of my job, I plan numerous events, take care of their logistics, and communicate with a variety of boards and people. Whilst doing this, I learned how committees operate, how to work in a team, and gained insight into the workings of the AUCSA board. I believe that these skills will be incredibly useful in the board as CAO, where working together with different parties is essential.


Although many of you already engage with the community in committees or commissions, I think there is a way to get more people to interact with the community. By setting up the Initiative Commission, I want to give the members of the AUCSA the opportunity to organize events on a one-off basis. This Initiative Commission will be open for ideas by students, and support them in realizing their plans. Apart from this, I believe more collaborations will help smaller committees to reach a broader audience, and will create more heterogeneous crowds at events.


Feel encouraged to attend the debate and the GA for any questions you might have about my visions for our AUCSA.

Gerold Sewcharan statement photo

Gerold Sewcharan


What drew me to applying for CAO is that of being able to implement ideas and see how they affect the greater community at large. I would like to represent the committees I feel a personal connection to, particularly those in the arts/culture spectrum, while also being able to work first hand on projects and events that create the atmosphere and spirit of the community at AUC. I think there is a lot to learn from being in a position of such responsibility and I genuinely think that I have something to offer. I’m a positive person, and I try to keep a positive attitude. I see mistakes as opportunities to learn from, and I think that mentality is really central to my personality. To me AUCSA should actively represent the student body and what we stand for. It is the organization that is there to bring the needs and wants of the community to life. That “by the people, for the people mentality” should be at the center of all things AUCSA and I would love to contribute to that however I can. The passion for being involved in the community is what I admire the most about AUCSA. It goes both ways really, while on the one hand being a part of AUCSA would be an opportunity for me to work as a team, learn how to lead, improve my focus, manage my time and energy more wisely and ultimately to grow as a person, I also want to contribute to and play a part in this community and being a part of AUCSA would be a great way to do that. Spending time planning and organizing things you care about for a community you care about. That is why I want to join AUCSA.


Evi Sifaki


Kalispera folks!


You might have seen me around the AB running like a maniac, at a random event or you may have not. I am Evi Sifaki, a motivated, active, involved, very Greek first year that is in love with the AUCommunity and is running as CAO for the AUCSA board of 2017-18. 300 words are not enough to say everything I want to say, so please approach me, talk to me whenever you see me.


Starting from the first committee market until the UCSRN Tournament, all my experiences in the AUCommunity were the reason for my candidacy.


Being a part of the UCSRN Tournament Team in the Arts and Academics, the Dormfest Team in charge of the Creative, a recent member of the Jeugdlab Committee as a coordinator of Leeshuis and volunteering in every other opportunity I’ve been offered so far, made me an active and a skilled Google Calendar user. I am motivated, the definition of the AUC Spirit (if there is one I would be it), I know how to spend time effieciently (pun intended) which is 100% needed for the position of a CAO.


3 Words: attitude, spirit and commitment. I am committed, I prioritize and I am organized, I know my responsibilities but I approach things with an uplifting, fun and creative attitude, which makes me a great team member.


As a CAO, I want to create an even closer relationship with all committees and be actively involved in their transition period to prevent them from disappearing or facing difficulties in the next board year. I want to keep the AUC spirit alive, give equal opportunities and attention to all committees to make sure the student body is represented.


Do not hesitate to approach me, see you at the debate!


Ta Leme!

Evi Sifaki

FullSizeRender (3)

Noa Smits


Dear Companions and Companionettes,


Introductory sentences or making up new words (yes, I made up “companionettes”) have never been my strongest points, but don’t stop reading just yet because in the next three hundred words I will convince you that I have many other things to bring to the future AUCSA board. I did my very best to not make this online first introduction sound like an unrealistic dating profile. Meeting me in real life for the first time should be all but a disappointing tinder date.


I am Noa Smits and if all goes right I will be majoring in International Relations in 2019. Besides setting realistic expectations, communication and openness are high up on my agenda. I get an incredible amount of energy from people who feel comfortable around me and dare to share their ideas, which is why I am running for Committee Affairs Officer specifically. I have never been part of such a unique community (which I know is just another word for excellent and diverse) before, and I want to give something back to it.


Next year, I want the AUCSA board to be accessible for all AUCSA members (you!) and transparent in terms of what happens with the budget. I am determined to help turn committees’ ideas into reality as well as helping students who want to start new committees. Apart from my role as CAO I would like to work on recognisability of the AUCSA outside of the bubble because AUC is awesome yet most Dutchies do not know about it at all. If I had not mentioned before that realistic expectations are important I would also promise to give you your croissant deals back. Instead I will promise you my enthusiasm and dedication.


Don’t be impolite, please swipe right!