6jun8:00 pm- 11:59 amBuezeday

18jun - 19jun 1812:00 pmjun 19Event CancelledScopophilia - Hidden Systems

24jun1:00 amDormfest


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What is yearbook?

Our dearest, most excellent and diverse AUC peers: welcome to the committee that will act as your memory, securely documenting your every move like the NSA and ultimately publishing everything in a colorful book to keep forever. Welcome to Yearbook. Slowly but surely, your personal AUC experience will be captured for life during the academic year. Now and then you will hear something from us – “Come to the photo-shoot!”, “Send in your photos of events!”, “Third-years, send us your personal contributions!” – yet, most of the time we are diligently working on perfecting that book of memories. We are here with a long-term goal: to help you mentally reconstitute the AUC atmosphere, community, and everything that made it awesome, in twenty, thirty, or forty years’ time. We are here for that moment when your hair has turned gray, you have finally changed the world, and you’re sitting in front of the fireplace with your grandchildren looking over the faces of those that attended the same college as you did. We are here for the future.

Contact us at or visit our Facebook page.