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30nov - 3decnov 301:00 amdec 3HamMUN(november 30) 1:00 am - (december 3) 1:00 am

5dec9:00 amAUCafé: Sinterklaas Borrel9:00 am

15dec6:00 pmFrosted Formal - Winter Formal6:00 pm

17decAll DayInPrint: Open Issue Submission Deadline(All Day: sunday)

21decAll DayR2E: Certificate Ceremony(All Day: thursday)

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asusawebsitePangea – once the supercontinent that united all 7 continents – is a perfect name for our committee. It represents our connection with Earth and symbolizes our relation to the rest of the world. We mainly pursue to educate us and our fellows and to promote a sustainable way of living. Founded as one of the first committees of AUC, Pangea constantly tries to make the campus, academic building, and student body more environmentally friendly. To reach this goal we organize several events reaching from handicraft workshops to organic Down to Earth Dinners which you can check out on this page.
Together, we want to turn AUC in a sustainable wonderland! 

Check out our blog here .


Down to Earth Dinner
07-Nov-15 Climate Miles
15-Nov-15 Guest Lecture
29-Nov-15 Climate March
11-Dec-15 Paris Excursion
14-Dec-15 Down to Earth Dinner
Spring Semester
19-Mar-16 Earth Night
19-Mar-16 Earth Hour
Feb-16 Down to Earth Dinner
Apr-16 Down to Earth Dinner
09-May-16 Nature Walk
Jun-16 Down to Earth Dinner
Did you see a documentary that us not yet on the list? Send an e-mail to
Title Trailer Year     Country
No Impact Man ’09 USA
Food Inc. ’08 USA
Voices of Transition ’12 France/Germany
Disruption ’14 USA
Chasing Ice ’12 USA
Home ’09 France
Black Gold ‘o6 USA
Gasland & Shale Gas ’10 USA
Permaculture – A Quiet Revolution ’08 USA
Plastic Paradise ’14 USA
Cowspiracy ’14 USA
Do the math ’13 USA
The World According to Monsanto ’08 France
The Last Mountain ’11 USA
Silent Snow ’11 The Netherlands
Endocrination ’14 France

Pictures and recipes  from our Down To Earth Dinners coming soon!