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The performing arts committee
OnStage is AUC’s very own performing arts committee and our sole goal is to create an enabling platform for AUC students to develop themselves within the performing arts. We do this through a wide range of projects and events that focus on discipline and quality, but, not unimportantly, also fun! Some examples are the AUChoir, our annual musical, the OpenStage, and so much more. Most of all what we try to do is bring together like-minded performers, share and celebrate performances of all kinds at AUC, and have fun.


Always remember that we are here for everyone who is interested in the performing arts in some way. You don’t necessarily have to be a musical star who shines bright in the middle of the spotlight—we welcome everyone. Whether you’re interested in music or theater or something, whether you want to be on stage or back stage.


Basically, we love performing and creating opportunities for others to perform. So please, please, approach our team with questions, plans, dreams, or actually anything, we get tired of talking just to each other all the time….
If you want to be the first to hear about all our recent activities then sign up to our mailing list:

The OpenStages are the ideal opportunity for anyone with a spoonful of talent and a sprinkling of performance skill – or just folks who want to do cool stuff on a stage – to take the floor. With a sign-up sheet in advance you’ll have enough time to prepare, jam, write, or rehearse before the big night. During the fabulous event itself, performances in the past have varied from AUC Committee skits, to poetry readings, from Dance routines to rap, and from awfully awesome metaphor jokes to jazz, pop, and rock bands.


Don’t forget to sign up for the next OpenStage, we’ll keep you posted.

OnStage recently adopted a ‘project based’ approach to their activities, to make sure that people with cool ideas can share them and perform them. Over the past year we’ve staged a play, Loving Alice, which was completely written by AUC students, and a musical version of Macbeth, which may sound like an impossible combination of words, but we assure that it wasn’t! These are examples of ambitious ideas that, through months of rehearsals, meetings, and hilarity, led to several spectacular performances.
There will be several opportunities during the year to brainstorm, propose, or get involved with projects – although if you’re feeling inspired, just come have a chat with the board and we’ll help set things up! Get in touch: or you can always fill in our pitch form:
Mat Grimée
Anna van Elst
Jaël Kortekaas
Sarah Tjeerdsma
PR Manager
Rebecca Scarratt
Production Manager
Floris van den Ende
Musical Event Manager
Valerie Heinz
General Project Manager