3may6:00 pm- 10:00 pmElections Debate

9may5:00 pm- 8:00 pmElections GA

16may7:00 pm- 12:00 amDormsessions x DTED


6jun8:00 pm- 11:59 amBuezeday

18jun - 19jun 1812:00 pmjun 19Scopophilia - Hidden Systems

24jun1:00 amDormfest




AUCSA’s committees are the core of the social life at AUC. By and for students, these committees facilitate a wide variety of fun activities. From debating sessions to curry workshops and from epic parties to meditation sessions: there is something for everyone. You can find the list of committees below. Want to start your own? Great! Scroll a bit further down, and you will find the information needed.

The Committees

is Amsterdam International Model United Nations, taking students all over the world for MUN conferences.


is AUC’s visual arts committee, organising workshops, exhibitions, and other events.

Pangea is AUC`s sustainability committee! 100% motivation for the planet!

is the AUC student-run cafe, situated at Jeugdland.

is AUC’s sports committee, organising practices for football, hockey, and running.

is food appreciation to the max. They cook, they feed, and they share.

explores the science-side of AUC, organising screenings, trips to science-events, and discussions.

organises weekly debating sessions, discussing issues that concern us all.

is the yearly AUCSA festival at the dorms, with performances, games, food, and drinks.

is music appreciation at the dorms.

is AUC’s down to earth philanthropy committee, organising fundraisers and awareness events.

is AUC’s peer-reviewed academic journal.

volunteers, plays, and inspires both the local youth and the AUC student-body.

is AUC’s trips and excursions committee, organising trips to theme parks, Dutch cities, and beyond.

FemCom facilitates discussion about gender, sexuality, race and many other related subjects.

is AUC’s own performing arts committee, organising plays and the famous AUC Open Stage.

is AUC’s very own games committee, dedicated to board games, video games, and all kinds of other games.

is AUC’s very own pub quiz committee. How long is the Chinese Wall?

is AUC’s student-run magazine.


is AUC’s film-appreciation committee, organising screenings of Japanese cult films to blockbusters.

offers comfort in sorrow, misfortune, or distress – introducing you to Amsterdam’s nightlife.

is the one and only TEDx event organised by AUC students, at AUC.

creates the annual occurring yearbook.


makes AUC students happier, healthier, and more relaxed by offering meditation sessions, yoga classes at various levels, and different massage courses.

Do you want to start your own committee? Send in a proposal! Guidelines can be found here.