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What is the AUCSA

The Amsterdam University College Student Association (AUCSA), founded in 2010, is the umbrella organization that provides a platform for all the social activities of students at AUC. Activities include sports tournaments, parties, MUN-conferences and other initiatives proposed by groups of students of all sizes.

The Association has around 900 members, all of which are AUC Students. Of our members, around 130 are in the board of one of the 26 committees These committees form the heart of the association, and organize our events.

Why is the AUCSA here

The primary role of the AUCSA is to facilitate and coordinate student endeavours: the actual organization and realization of events and activities is done by the committees and their respective boards. Together with all its members, the AUCSA Board strives for the further development of extra-curricular student activities at AUC. In order to achieve this, AUCSA encourages all students to take initiatives and become involved in one of the many projects and activities available, or realise an idea themselves. By encouraging these ideas put forth by enthusiastic students we fill the student’s agenda’s with exciting events throughout the year. Together, AUCSA and the committees endeavour to foster an active student community so that all students take full advantage of their time as an AUC student.

While our beloved Student Council is concerned mainly with academic matters, improving the curriculum, student welfare and other topics, the AUCSA is concerned with all social aspects of the community.


The AUCSA provides funding and an organizational framework for the committees, thus creating a platform that enables students to develop themselves professionally and organize fun social events. The committee boards have a set structure with clearly divided tasks, comprising at least of chair, secretary, and treasurer, all of which are vital for the functioning of committee boards. Furthermore, the AUCSA strives to create a great, open, and interactive social community at AUC. We want to create a full community feeling for the students. We try to do so by our five pillars, which guide every decision we make.




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Our pillars

Committees are the heart of the AUCSA, and our primary goal is to encourage our members to interact with one (or more!) of our 28 committees. To promote this engagement, we provide our committees with the financial support they need to execute their ideas. Furthermore, we provide them with the means to plan, promote, and host events for our members; be it a hitchhiking trip to Paris or a cosy livingroom concert in the dorms with some of Amsterdam’s best up and coming bands. We also do our best to minimize barriers to entry for AUCSA events; logistically, this means that AUCSA events are low-priced or without an entrance fee as often as possible. Finally, we place great importance on making sure that most of our events are open to all members, so that every AUC student has the opportunity to participate in our community.

We here at AUC very openly celebrate the fact that our students are highly motivated, creative individuals, bursting to the seams with ideas. As their representative student association, we do our utmost to ensure that these ideas and initiatives have the opportunity to grow

First year experience

An association’s success is best measured in the activity of its members; without the eager, high-energy people who create content for the community, the AUCSA would be nothing. An important element in sustaining this community is inspiring our first years to get involved. It is important to us that our first years develop a sense of belonging to AUC, so that they may, in time, come to love Science Park as much as we do. To instill this feeling in our students, we organize a gezellige Introduction Week in collaboration with AUC management, take our first years on a mystery Introduction Weekend before their first day of classes, and organize special events and promos specifically for first years. In doing so, we hope that in a year’s time, when they enter their second year of university, they will help the AUCSA welcome a new set of first years to our community.

AUC Spirit

Inspired by the strong bond university students have with their alma maters, we feel that creating an environment that fosters school spirit is an essential part of community building within a university. As AUC is an active member of the UCSRN Tournament, which stimulates friendly rivalry amongst the UC’s of the Netherlands, we hope to encourage our students to actively participate and showcase their AUC pride, be it by competing or by cheering their peers on to victory.

As exciting as winning the trophy (for the fourth time in a row) would be, the AUCSA also hopes to promote School Spirit outside of the UCSRN Tournament. We want AUC students to get out of “the bubble” and proudly tell others about our university. We want AUC students to wear our school’s merchandise with as much pride as they would wear their Hogwarts uniforms. Finally, we want our students to view AUC the way we do: as our little slice of home in the big city of Amsterdam.

External Communication

Our first communications-centric pillar, External Network Building, is concerned with connecting AUC students to their peers and the professional world. With our Liberal Arts and Sciences program, we have a set of skills that is unique within the Dutch education system. Students following other programmes are not very aware of how our system works, and what kind of learning outcomes we achieve in our three years. Because of this, the AUCSA attends many student association assemblies, meetings, and constitution drinks so that we may become more renowned within the Netherlands. We also pursue visibility through media, such as radio interviews, newspaper articles, and magazine features. Following that, we go on to share information about the typical AUC student profile to companies and organizations, so that AUC graduates will be well received in the professional sphere their ambitions take them.

Internal Communication

Our second communications-centric pillar, Internal Communication, is concerned with our role within the AUC community. As board members of the AUCSA, we strive to represent our members as accurately as possible. To do so, we are in constant communication with students, stimulating an open discussion about how we run the association. By integrating the community’s feedback and suggestions into our work, we keep the AUCSA moving in the direction our members want us to go.


Keeping in line with communication, transparency is key. As board members of the AUCSA we aim to be as transparent as possible, not only through communicating when key decisions are made on your behalf, but also specifically in regards to the budget. We wish to keep the budget as clear as possible to ensure that the students have an understanding of the budget and the decisions that are made regarding the allocation of the budget.

The Board

Ishvar Lalbahadoersing

This is Ishvar Lalbahadoersing: former MUN-King and gym addict, studying math in his third year at AUC. He is slowly learning how to cook, yet his charm triumphs over the lack of this skill. He never takes longer than 3 minutes (duration of one set in the gym) to answer a Facebook/Whatsapp message, and is therefore always available and ready to work for the association. For Ishvar the sky is not the limit, he is a true optimist, and as president, he makes sure everyone is on track and works towards perfection of the association. Furthermore he will work as a facilitator between AUCSA and other organisations in and around Amsterdam. He will also be Vice-Treasurer and will assist your amazing treasurer with the big task of keeping the AUCSA financially healthy. If you need him, feel free to hit him up over email, messenger or meet him in the gym. (

Secretary & Vice-President

Louise ten Bosch

Salutations, say hi to Louise ten Bosch, an imported Dutchie from London. She’s majoring in International relations and she’s in the board as your Secretary, She is the mastermind behind the emails, the voice behind your weeklies (which you are reading religiously of course), and will be furiously typing away in the board meetings to record the board members innermost thoughts and feelings. In regards to the floating tasks she will be helping out when necessary as vice chair, in addition, alongside Berend, she will be updating the website on the regular. She will also be coordinating conversation between the various community projects available at AUC with the newly introduced Engagement commission. About Louise personally she likes to sail the high seas and riddle her conversations with mildly traumatic quotes or song lyric references. Feel free to contact her to receive one of these well chosen quotes by email at, or just approach her in person, either or.


Charlotte Kroese

Say hi to Charlotte Kroese, a second-year Political Science and International Relations major and AUCSA’s Treasurer, or, as she prefers to call it, TreaCharer. She puts her all her blood, sweat and tears into managing AUCSA’s finances, be it by hosting the ever engaging General Assemblies, finding a way through the maze that is finance excel sheets or helping out both students and committees with financial issues. Not only is she involved with AUCSA’s social life, she has also made it her life mission to put AUC on the map by reaching out to potential partners in Science Park, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, the EU, the UN and the rest of the world under her Floating Task of Acquisitions. Next to her busy schedule, this Amsterdam-born Charming lady from Leiden loves spending her time getting around the city, visiting beaches monthly and napping. Together with her magical board members, she will ensure all AUC students of a great time. You can slide in her DM’s any time for questions, compliments or constructive criticism (actually, she prefers e-mail above any other means of communication). Joe, kusjes. (

Committee Affairs Officer & Vice-Treasurer

Berend Jansen

Meet Berend, aka DJ BJ, one of this year’s CAOs. Although he was born in Diemen, he feels a strong connection to Amsterdam. He loves hanging out with his friends, having a drink at Maslow, or planning a road trip. This year, he will give everything to help the committees, keep the website up to date, and serve the members of the AUCSA. Next to this, Berend holds the title of Quartermaster, he will keep track of the inventory (approach him if you need something from the office). Although DJ BJ can be very stubborn, he is also open for new ideas so please contact him with questions, initiatives or anything else really ( But just be careful, make sure to avoid him after an European Ajax loss.

Committee Affairs Officer

Gerold Sewcharan

Meet Gerold Sewcharan, besides being a second year Humanities major, avid skateboarder and lover of music, he is a motivated CAO looking forward to helping any committee wherever necessary and organizing the September introweek and Dormfest later in the year. Dutch born, Suriname raised and a UWC alumni, he is a contemporary cosmopolitan open to fresh ideas and creative initiatives. To the AUCSA he brings an innovative approach, an open mind and pure excitement. Feel free to approach him for inquiries or a quick chat anytime, you should be able to easily recognize him by the dreadlocks, nose ring and thrasher hoodie, or contact him by email at

Committee Affairs Officer

Noa Smits

Meet Noa, a second-year science major. She was born and raised in Luxembourg (yes, that is an actual country with its own language) and moved to the Netherlands when she was 15. Some of the things she is just as excited about as being Committee Affairs Officer are egg sandwiches, ducks and Amsterdam. This year she will get the chance to channel all her creative energy into designing AUCSA’s very own Merch. By encouraging and supporting the committees all year round she will make sure that committees can do what they have always been set out to do: making bomb-ass events. Never be afraid to approach Noa for questions or just to chat. In fact, talking can be added to the list of things she gets excited about. If you are scared that once she starts talking, she won’t stop, you can always send her an e-mail at or Facebook message!