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What is the AUCSA

The Amsterdam University College Student Association (AUCSA), founded in 2010, is the umbrella organization that provides a platform for all the social activities of students at AUC. Activities include sports tournaments, parties, MUN-conferences and other initiatives proposed by groups of students of all sizes.


The association has around 900 members – all AUC students are included in the AUCSA body. Of our members, around 170 are in a board of one of the dozens of committees. These committees form the heart of the social life at AUC, and organize almost every event.


AUCSA is part of the University College Student Representatives of the Netherlands (UCSRN), a joint initiative by all University Colleges around the country to unite, support, and foster competition between them. We are proud of our active role in supporting the UCSRN, and even more so to have won the last four annual tournaments in a row.

Why is the AUCSA here

The primary role of the AUCSA is to facilitate and coordinate student endeavours: the actual organization and realization of events and activities is done by the committees and their respective boards. Together with all its members, the AUCSA Board strives for the further development of extra-curricular student activities at AUC. In order to achieve this, AUCSA encourages all students to take initiatives and become involved in one of the many projects and activities available, or realise an idea themselves. By encouraging these ideas put forth by enthusiastic students we fill the student’s agenda’s with exciting events throughout the year. Together, AUCSA and the committees endeavour to foster an active student community so that all students take full advantage of their time as an AUC student.

While our beloved Student Council is concerned mainly with academic matters, improving the curriculum, student welfare and other topics, the AUCSA is concerned with all social aspects of the community.


The AUCSA provides funding and an organizational framework for the committees, thus creating a platform that enables students to develop themselves professionally and organize fun and social events. The committee boards have a set structure with clearly divided tasks, comprising at least of chair, secretary, and treasurer, all of which are vital for the functioning of committee boards. Furthermore, the AUCSA strives to create a great, open, and interactive social community at AUC, to create a full community feeling for the students. It adheres to its six pillars, which guide every decision made.




Board meetings


Committee members


UCSRN wins

The Board

Jet de Vries

Always walking around with a big smile on her face, meet Jet. Coming from just outside of Amsterdam, she eventually moved to the city itself and is now in her third year at AUC, studying International Relations and media. Being the President, Jet will be the backbone of the AUCSA board and will help out the rest of her board where needed. Not only this, but she will also be representing all of the AUCSA members in the UCSRN Social Committee. Want to get to know this girl better, look for her taking walks around Science Park, join her to a Crossfit class or dance your heart out with her at a party. For all your questions you can, send her an email at and almost always you can find her somewhere in the AB.

Secretary & Vice-President

Maurits Jurgens

After moving to different corners of the world, Maurits finally moved to the Netherlands and is now in his second year of AUC. Intending to follow the Pre-Law Track, he also very much enjoys politics. As the Secretary, you will see Maurits throughout the year busy on his laptop, typing away emails and minutes. Not only this, but by being the Vice-President, Maurits will make sure that the rest of his board is on the same page, and organises the board bonding activities. When Maurits does have his laptop closed, find him spending time with his friends or going into town to explore new foods. He is always in the mood for a chat, so feel free to approach him when you see him or just email him at


Julien Vandermosten

Say hello to Julien! Coming from just south of Brussels, Julien made his way over to Amsterdam to call Science Park his new home. He is a second year focusing on Economics with an indulgence for politics. Julien will be AUCSA’s treasurer, meaning that he will cover all of the finances together with the Vice-Treasurer. He’ll also work closely with the Acquisitions team and will be one of the Co-Chairs of the Diversity Commission. Other than that expect him to prepare a grand Winterformal in December! Catch Julien going to the gym or come chat with him during office hours or borrels! Want to know more about the general organization of AUC, or have some burning questions about treasury, shoot him an email at

Committee Affairs Officer

Alexander Sleeckx

This is Alex, who has lived in the Flemish part of Belgium his entire life, until he moved to Amsterdam. He’s a third-year Science student, taking a variety of courses with a focus on Geosciences. Aside from being CAO, Alexander is also the Quartermaster, meaning that he’ll be the one to contact if you need to borrow any of the AUCSA’s equipment. PlayUC game-nights have been his retreat for the past two years, but by being part of last-year’s Webradio board, he also knows how to throw a party. Want to challenge him in chess, a game of cards, or talk about rocks, then send an email to or just show him your rock collection.

Committee Affairs Officer & Vice-Treasurer

Rosa Wijnen

Rosa is a second-year neuroscience student from the Netherlands, who is one of this year’s CAOs. She will be representing 9 committees, all of which she is very excited about! Next to this, as the Vice-Treasurer, she will be helping Julien with any finance-related issues. Also, Rosa is co-responsible for organizing September Introweek and Dormfest, making sure they are both a big success. Outside the classroom, you can find Rosa walking around Science Park with a camera. She also loves dancing, sailing, and baking different kinds of cakes, cookies and muffins. Want to contact Rosa? Come chat with her during office hours, or send an email to

Committee Affairs Officer

Boris Koehoorn

Meet Boris, a Humanities student in his second year, but with a big interest for Law. Having lived his whole life in the Netherlands, his passion for travelling is not bound by these borders. He will be one of this year’s CAOs, taking pride in all of the committees he represents. Trying to find Boris will not be a hard challenge, find this socialite chatting to whoever in the Academic Building and dorms. Other than that, you will see him doing many other things, like preparing for all of the General Assemblies and arranging all of the AUCSA merchandise. He is lastly also already super excited for this year’s Dormfest, which he will organise with Rosa. Feel free to send him an email at

Our pillars

The student body of AUC is diverse in many shapes and forms and AUCSA builds bridges between them by representing their interests. A place where one can learn from another, as well as a place of acknowledgement, is important for an inclusive Association. Understanding for each other and for everyone’s respective goals is the key for the whole association to flourish. To make sure the diversity of students is respected and everyone can be included, we do our best to minimize barriers by hosting easy accessible and varied AUCSA events; striving for the highest quality while maintaining a reasonable price, and in the best case free admission, making our events open to all members. By wide involvement of our members, open General Assemblies, and the Diversity Commission we aim for the Association to be an inclusive community in which everyone can proudly feel part of.


The committees are the heart of the Association. Thanks to the 27 different committees, the social calendar bursts with events every week, differing from cooking workshops and evening socials to sport competitions and our own TEDx. We provide every committee with a budget and the means to plan, promote, and host events for our members. As the committees exist to represent the interests of the members, this is also the place for the members to exercise what they enjoy, to learn to work in a team, and to gain experience in chairing, administration, treasury, public relations, and other board related tasks. This year we want to promote cooperation between committees with similar aims and concentrate on the survival of smaller committees for particular niches.


The AUCSA can not exist without the world around us, a world of which we use resources to make our events possible. We should be grateful that we have the opportunity to do so and therefore we should act responsibly in regards to our usage and the environmental consequences this causes. Thus, we have decided that we need to actively strive to become a sustainable Association. By introducing a Sustainability Commission as the extension of the Board, we will take on an exemplary role in dealing with climate change as an Association. SUSCOM will improve the awareness of the Association of its impact on the environment and oversee its sustainability-level. Checking the carbon footprint of the Association, thinking of innovative sustainable ideas to improve the Association, and providing more environmentally friendly options will be their main tasks.

First Year Experience

Our Association is sustained by the proactive members that fill committee positions and put their time and energy into organising events. To inspire first years to get involved, we make sure to impress them with all we have to offer. It is important to us that new students feel a sense of belonging to our community and we will achieve this through organising social activities in the introduction week, taking the new students on a weekend trip before classes start, and keeping positions free in committee boards. Allowing the newest generation of AUC students to explore, take part in, and flourish within our community. We hope that this welcoming atmosphere forms the foundation for students to participate in the community and maintain this atmosphere when the future generations arrive at AUC.

Internal Communication

As the largest University College in the Netherlands, we have to make sure that all 900 members are aware of our activities and can reach information easily. By renewing the website, we want to make sure that information is communicated inclusively. Therefore we want to centralize most information to the website, making it easier to reach out to others. We want our members to decide in which direction(s) we grow and integrate the community’s feedback which they are able to give at numerous events. Improving the Board’s approachability during office-hours, renewing the Policy Manual, providing multiple online gateways, and being available for questions through email at all times is crucial to smooth communication between the members, committees, commissions, and teams. 


External Relations

Our bubble is a beautiful, integrated community made up of talented students with unique diplomas and experiences. Representing this to the outside world is one of our priorities. We aim to maintain close relationships with other UC’s through the UCSRN, the umbrella organisation of the 9 UC’s in the Netherlands. By attending many student association assemblies, meetings, and constitutions we maintain our good relations and promote our Association throughout the Netherlands. Furthermore, we want to expand our external outreach to local organisations in Amsterdam Oost such as Zeeburgia and look to larger organisations in the city for more opportunities for our members.